Meal Plans Designed Specifically For Bariatric Surgery Success

Struggling to find something to drink or eat that isn't the same thing after gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery?  Wishing you knew all the available options?  Look no further. Download our affordable Bariatric Diet Plans that provide hundreds of different options for post bariatric surgery meals and snacks.

Meal Plans For Every Stage Of Bariatric Surgery Recovery

Going through gastric sleeve or gastric bypass surgery is a life changing momnet. Just the lead up to the surgery is often a challenge with the physical and mental examinations, the dietary restrictions preparing your body for the procedure and anticipating for the changes that will rapidly happen immediately after surgery.

One of the biggest struggles patients have post surgery is finding foods that they want to eat but still stay within the doctor recommendmended guidesline to let their stomachs heal.  Meeting the strict nutritional requirements and finding something that is satisfying can be a real barrier to weightloss success. 

Our Bariatric Diet Plans take the guess work out of the process providing meal and snack options for all post surgery diet stages: liquid, pureed, soft and whole food diets.  Knowing what is available and recommended helps keep you on track toward your wieght-loss goals and makes sure you choose foods that are appropriate for each stage of the process.

Make the Most of Your Health Investment

Bariatirc surgery is not only a major change in lifestyle, it is also a significant financial investment.  As with any investment, you want to maximize the return of the procedure and lose as much weight as safely possible.  Our affordable diet plans help you get the most out of your surgery.  With most of the weight loss after surgery happening in the first 9 months after the procedure, its important to make sure you have a plan to ensure good meal selection and reinforce proper eating habits with your new body and nutritional needs.  

We also know that with any type of medical procedure unexpected changes can occur: changes in tastes, food sensitivity and digestive discomfort can affect many bariatric patients after surgery.  Our meal plans help patients with these outcomes by suggesting food alternatives that help alleviate of the most common post-surgey food realted discomforts including dairy, spicy/acidic, and fatty foods.  These specific meal plans help patients deal with these discomfort by limiting their exposure to these types of foods, especially, in the first few months after surgery when the sensitivity is at its greatest and patients are learning to identify trigger foods. 

Try A Sample Bariatric Meal Plan

Here at Bariatric Meal Plans we want every patient to be as successful as they can be in meeting their weightloss goals.  Please download our sample one week whole food meal plan to get an idea of the quality meal plans we provide.  All our meal plans are built to meet each recovey stage's strict food limitation requirements and all our whole food meal plans provide important nutrional information to make sure you are meeting your needed protein requirements to satify your body's nutritional demands.  Click here to download the sample meal plan.